When you think about orthodontic care, you probably think about braces and how they straighten your teeth. However, orthodontic treatments can do more than just move your teeth to where they should be. A specialty called dentofacial orthodontics can even reposition the bone of your jaw.

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Who Can Get Dentofacial Orthodontics?How You Can Benefit From Dentofacial Orthodontics

Dentofacial orthodontics is one of the more complex orthodontic treatments available. That said, it’s also one that can give you and your kids dramatic, life-changing results. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy after calling our Indiana dental offices today at 219-809-6584.

Improved facial appearance: If your jawbone did not develop normally, your face could look different. That’s because your face is shaped by your teeth and jaw. Dentofacial orthodontics can fix such problems so your face’s structure look better.

Avoiding oral surgery for children: Because children’s bones are still growing, dentofacial orthodontics can be used to reshape the bones in the face. This can avoid oral surgery on the jaw later on in life.

Making space for new teeth to come in: For younger children, their adult teeth cannot come in correctly if there isn’t room. Since adult teeth tend to come in on their own schedule, your kids’ teeth can move towards and empty space and complicate things. Dentofacial orthodontics can make sure there’s the right amount of room for adult teeth to come in.

Straighten adult teeth for a healthier smile: Dentofacial orthodontics still uses braces, so you will get a smile full of straight, aligned teeth. That can mean avoiding irregular worn spots or TMJ problems due to crooked teeth and malocclusion (when your bite doesn’t close correctly). In other words, getting your teeth and jaw aligned properly can save you problems (and time, and money) down the road.

2 Phases Of Dentofacial Orthodontic Treatments

Although everyone’s treatment is individualized, dentofacial orthodontics generally have two phases.

In the first phase, our dentists will work to control the growth of bone tissue and the loss of baby teeth. This can include using:

  • Expanders
  • Space maintainers
  • Lingual arches
  • Lip bumpers

And more depending on your particular needs.

The second phase begins when the adult teeth start coming in. Braces and similar treatments are used to guide the permanent teeth to their right position and angle. This helps your smile look great and be healthier.

Overall, dentofacial orthodontics does take some time. Just like traditional braces, it can take a few years before everything is where they need to be. That said, having a beautiful, healthy mouth and jaw is definitely worth it.

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