Did you know that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients is an adult? At one time, few adults would consider straightening their teeth. With today’s many options, more and more adults are choosing to get their smiles in line.

Part of the reason for that is that we can offer incredibly discreet treatment options, like Invisalign clear aligners. Many of our patients throughout Indiana have used this service to create the smiles of their dreams.

Could clear aligners work for you? To find out, schedule an appointment at the nearest Orthodontic Alliances location by calling 219-809-6584 (Michigan City) 219-841-7795 (Portage) 219-440-6512 (St. John)  now! This can be your first step toward a better smile.

Don’t Let Another Year Go By With a Bad Smile

How long have you been wishing that your teeth were a little straighter, that you didn’t have any extra space in your smile, or that your overbite was gone?

You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your teeth when talking to someone. You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide your smile when someone takes your picture, either.

Instead, try to imagine feeling relaxed when you feel like smiling. Imagine feeling confident when someone takes your photo or when you take your own “selfie” to post on social media. This can happen for you. Invisalign and our trained orthodontic team would be happy to help.

Don’t wait to create your new and improved smile. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see your better teeth.

Make Your Changes On Your Terms

Lots of adults would love for their teeth to look straighter. At the same time, many of those adults are unwilling to wearing brackets and wires on the teeth. As a result, they aren’t as happy as they could be.

Invisalign was actually created with adults in mind. The aligners are made from clear plastic. When placed over your teeth, the aligners appear to disappear from view. This makes them incredibly discreet.

For a working adult, this can be a welcome change from the braces they remember from their teenage years. They often worry that having braces can be a distraction in their jobs or in social situations.

While ceramic braces are certainly less noticeable than metal ones, Invisalign takes that a step further. These custom-designed aligners are made specifically to fit your teeth at each stage of your treatment. They are one of if not the most discreet way to straighten your smile.

Invisalign also offers a few more advantages compared to traditional braces. The aligners can be removed. This means you can continue eating the foods that you love, and you can brush and floss as easily as you do today. The smooth plastic won’t irritate the soft tissues of your mouth, either.


Take Control Of Your Teeth

We have the tools and the training to help you transform your smile. But we can only help if you visit an Orthodontic Alliances location in Indiana. To request your consultation with one of our doctors, fill out our online form or call 219-809-6584 (Michigan City) 219-841-7795 (Portage) 219-440-6512 (St. John) .