No one would deny that metal braces are an effective way to straighten teeth. They’ve been the orthodontic treatment of choice for decades.

Nevertheless, we’ve also had patients who did not feel comfortable wearing metal brackets and wires on their teeth. For them, we are happy to offer Invisalign clear aligners.

This is a new system of treatment that uses no brackets and no wires. In fact, the aligners practically invisible when they are placed over your teeth. If that appeals to you, we welcome you to visit any Orthodontic Alliances location in Indiana. Call 219-809-6584 (Michigan City) 219-841-7795 (Portage) 219-440-6512 (St. John) to schedule a consultation to find out if Invisalign could work for you.

Be Discreet & More

The most obvious difference between clear aligners and braces is that the aligners are transparent. Since the aligners can be custom-made for your teeth, they seem to blend in while you are wearing them. As a result, you can work on straightening your smile without your treatment being a distraction for others.

That isn’t the only benefit of Invisalign aligners, however:

  • They are comfortable.

Each aligner is made of a smooth piece of plastic. They apply gentle pressure to your teeth to gradually push them until you have the smile you’ve dreamed of having. Since there are no edges, the aligners are unlikely to irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. Many people who wore braces when they were younger have told us how much more comfortable the aligners were for them.

  • They are convenient.

You can’t take braces off. You wear them 24 hours per day, every day of your treatment. Invisalign aligners should be worn most of the time, but you can remove them for up to a couple hours per day. Since you can take them out during meals, you won’t have to give up hard, crunchy, or sticky foods like you should when you have braces. You also can keep them out to brush and floss your teeth, so you don’t have to change your daily oral hygiene routine.

  • They are simple.

Using the aligners is pretty straightforward. If you’ve ever worn a mouthguard for sports, you’ll understand how to put them on and take them off as needed. If you are a good candidate for this treatment, you will receive a series of aligners that are custom-designed for your teeth. By wearing them as directed, you will change aligners every few weeks to keep your teeth moving in the right direction for a new, straight smile.

Could Aligners Work For You?

Clear aligners are a great way to correct a wide range of alignment issues. The severity of your situation may affect whether this particular treatment option is right for your needs. With that in mind, Invisalign clear aligners can fix:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Bite issues (e.g. overbites and underbites)

To discover what this treatment could do for you, call 219-809-6584 (Michigan City) 219-841-7795 (Portage) 219-440-6512 (St. John) or contact us online. Request a consultation with one of our Indiana orthodontists at Orthodontic Alliances.