If you plan to participate in Halloween festivities in a few days, you are probably already preparing your candy bowl and collecting pieces of a costume. Halloween is a lot of fun for most kids, but sometimes kids who are being treated with facial orthopedics or orthodontics don’t get as much enjoyment out of it because they can’t eat many popular candy treats. Whether you are filling the bowl or walking your child around, take these things into consideration.

Drink Plenty of Water – Keeping a child’s mouth hydrated during the long night of walking is very beneficial in protecting them from oral consequences. Passing out small bottles of water can be a great treat for a thirsty child, and we encourage parents to carry water as well.

Dangerous Candies – When you’re selecting candy to pass out, or checking your child’s bucket at home, avoid giving kids the super sticky treats like caramel, taffy, fruit chews, and gum filled suckers. They are nearly impossible for kids to clean out of their mouths!

Floss and Brush Really Well – At the end of the evening, we recommend closely monitoring the oral health routine. Be sure your child brushes and flosses really well and rinses all of that residue out. Repeat this in the morning!

Halloween doesn’t have to be a downer for anyone! Find ways to protect the children in our lives by selecting candy that is easy to brush away and taking measures to protect those little teeth, even the ones wearing braces. Contact us for more tips, and enjoy you Halloween night!