If your child’s 7th birthday is coming up, we hope you celebrate with cake and ice cream. After you are done with presents and maybe a few games, we welcome you to visit Orthodontic Alliances in Indiana.

We realize that probably isn’t what your child wants for their birthday, but it’s still important for a few reasons:

We can identify problems early

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all kids have an orthodontic examination around their 7th birthday. By this time, most children have lost some of their primary teeth and some permanent teeth have started to erupt. This gives us an opportunity to determine if orthodontic treatment may be likely in their future.

We can intervene in severe cases

Most kids won’t require any intervention at that age. However, for those that would benefit from it, we do offer dentofacial orthopedics. This is sometimes referred to as interceptive orthodontics. These treatments can guide the development of your child’s mouth as they grow, which can make care easier when they are older.

You can prepare if treatment is needed

Even if your child doesn’t need interceptive care, knowing that braces may be likely in their future is good for you to know. This gives you time to plan ahead, both mentally and financially.

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