We are sure that you have a family dentist who you absolutely love, at least we hope that you do! It’s important to have that doctor in your life for your routine cleanings every six months. You want someone who you trust and are comfortable around. While some family dentists can do simple orthodontic work, they are generally not a reliable source for expert, efficient orthodontic work. For great orthodontic treatment, you need to be seen by an orthodontist.

Some dentists know their limits, and they will refer you to an orthodontic office at the first signs of trouble. This is a great way to know for sure that you need to be seen by an orthodontist, but we encourage patients to call for themselves! You don’t need a referral to be seen, and most children need to be seen well before a general dentist will catch any sign of trouble.

Each Doctor Plays a Role

Both the orthodontist and dentist play an important role in a successful orthodontic experience. While we are busy working with your orthodontic appliances and alignment, your dentist will be keeping your teeth and mouth clean. You’ll still see your dentist every six months for cleanings and maintenance, while you see us every several weeks for orthodontic adjustments. We work together to create the perfect smile for you!

Understand the important role of both the family dentist and the orthodontist in your overall oral health care. We each play an important part, but those parts are separate. Contact us today to learn more about the relationship between family dentists and orthodontists. We can’t wait to show you how well this works out for you, the patient!