When talking about people wearing braces, you might think of children or teenagers being teased and called “metal mouth” by their peers. Sometimes, though, adults need braces and other orthodontic treatments, too. The problem is many adults hesitate to get braces installed because of the notion that braces are only for kids.

These days, many dentists offer adult orthodontics. These specialized orthodontic treatments provide the benefits of traditional metal braces, but in convenient and easy-to-maintain forms.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are the earliest cosmetic alternative to traditional braces. They use tooth-colored ceramics or clear plastics for brackets, leaving only the thin metal wire visible. They often come with matching clear or tooth-colored elastics to further improve their appearance. The only drawback is they are often more fragile than regular metal braces.

Lingual Braces

These are similar to traditional braces, with one significant difference: orthodontic specialists attach them to the back (or the “lingual” side) of your teeth. This allows your braces to adjust your teeth gradually while remaining “invisible” to other people.

Invisible Aligners

These are the most recent developments in orthodontic treatments for adults. Orthodontics offering services like Invisalign or ClearCorrect make a set of clear aligners you need to wear regularly. This set includes multiple aligners that you need to wear through different stages of the adjustment. These aligners are completely transparent, making them better options than bulky metal braces. Invisible aligners are also removable and easy to clean.

These different treatments for adults offer different advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to undergo in-depth consultations and exams with your dentist to see which treatment suits you best. You should also keep your budget in mind when looking for adult treatments, as they are often pricier than regular orthodontic procedures.

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