It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that people don’t want metal braces! Kids can’t wait to have their teeth back, and adults would rather have crooked teeth than get traditional metal braces. With Invisalign available, no one needs to settle for something that they don’t want. Invisalign braces allow us to correct your orthodontic issues with the maximum comfort to you! Here are some of our favorite reasons to love Invisalign!

1) They Feel Refreshing
There’s no feeling of braces that need to be cleaned or scummy teeth. Invisalign braces are easy to clean (just brush them out when you brush your teeth) and feel great each time you put them in!

2) They Aren’t Annoying
Traditional metal braces tend to be annoying! Wires and rubber bands and brackets rubbing against your cheeks and lips all the time is just an obnoxious feeling. Invisalign orthodontics are completely comfortable and never cut the inside of your mouth!

3) You’ll Feel Confident
As your smile begins to change shape, you will feel more and more confident! Invisalign braces are invisible, so you’ll never feel self-conscious around your friends or family.

Invisalign braces change the way people think about orthodontics. The vast improvement over traditional metal braces is undeniable, and we know you’ll love them, too. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We’d love to help you get on your way to a healthier smile!