Many things cause patients to hesitate to invest in orthodontics. One of those things is the possibility of an extraction. Patients are afraid to have teeth pulled, and it’s no wonder! However, we believe that there are many things to try before needing to pull an adult tooth. We call them non-extraction techniques, and we would try them all before we would pull an adult tooth.

People fear extractions for good reason. Everything points to a painful situation, but patients often forget how far we have come with the ability to numb patients. Even if you required a tooth to be pulled, it would be completely comfortable and very quick. However, it is very rare that we would need to take such extreme measures!

Baby Teeth Are a Different Story

It is much more likely that we would need to pull baby teeth from kids who are struggling to juggle the baby and adult teeth switch. Removing baby teeth is much easier, because they are on the way out anyway, but it can still be frightening for kids. We use numbing solutions and make your child as comfortable as possible. The result is great news for your child because it will make growing adult teeth much, much easier!

It’s difficult to say if we would need to remove teeth from you or your child, but we can say that if removing a tooth is necessary, we will make you very comfortable during the process. Contact us today to learn more about extractions. You can also schedule a consultation to find out more about what we can do for your smile.