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Why Having A Straight Smile Is Important

There are two main benefits from having straight teeth: cosmetic and health.

It’s not difficult to find yourself with crooked teeth, even if you had braces as a kid. That’s because your teeth never really stop moving. Just a few crooked teeth can make an otherwise great-looking smile appear odd and misaligned. Orthodontics straighten your teeth. Afterward, your smile can look aligned and amazing.

However, there are health benefits with orthodontic treatments from our Indiana dental offices. Getting your teeth in the right position eliminates overcrowding in your smile. When your teeth are too close together, it’s easy for food to get stuck there. Harmful bacteria thrive on such bits of food, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Even gaps can be a health hazard. Your teeth need support from each other to stay in place. When you have gaps in your smile, that support goes away. People with large gaps between their teeth are at a higher risk of getting loose teeth.

That’s why it’s important to call Orthodontic Alliances today and schedule your next appointment. You can help make your smile better looking and healthier with the same orthodontic treatment. Drs. Schmidt both have advanced training in using orthodontics. They know how to help straighten your teeth safely and effectively.

Orthodontic Options For All Teens & Adults

It’s well established that teenagers get orthodontic treatments. But around 25% of our patients are adults. That’s because adults often need orthodontic treatments to get the straight smile they need and deserve. Whether you are a teen or an adult, you are never too old for orthodontic treatments like these.

Traditional braces: Traditional braces are probably what you think about when it comes to orthodontics. They’ve been used for many years to straighten teeth, and they’re still in use today. That’s because they do a great job! You’ll get metal brackets placed on your teeth. A wire connects these brackets. Our dentists will expertly tighten that wire to guide your teeth and jaw into the right position.

Call us today at 219-809-6584 to schedule your first appointment for traditional braces. This is one of the more affordable options, and it works very well.

Fast Acting Adult Braces: If you’re an adult who wants to get the orthodontic treatment over with quickly, then call us today for Fast Acting Adult Braces (FAAB). This orthodontic technique still uses braces. Instead of repositioning all of your teeth, FAAB only focuses on the ones people see. That’s why you can have a straight smile in around six months.

By calling today, you can be one step closer to getting a straight smile quickly with FAAB. Those six months do not start until you come in to have the braces put on your teeth. That means the sooner you call, the sooner those six months are complete.

Clear Ceramic Braces: If you like the idea of traditional braces but want something a bit more discreet, you should try clear ceramic braces. You still get brackets and wires to reposition your teeth and jaw. However, the brackets are either tooth-colored or clear. That makes it much harder to notice on your teeth.

When you call Orthodontic Alliances today, you should schedule an appointment for clear ceramic braces. This way, you can skip the metal and still get a straight, healthy smile with orthodontics

Invisalign: This modern orthodontic treatment is really the best of both worlds. It repositions your teeth and jaw like braces does. But instead of metal or ceramic, you get a series of clear plastic aligners. They fit comfortably over your teeth. Each one is shaped slightly differently to guide your teeth to where they belong. Plus, they are almost invisible when worn because there is no metal — only smooth, clear plastic.

Call us TODAY at 219-809-6584 and schedule your next orthodontic appointment. You can also request an appointment online. Crooked teeth can happen at any age. That’s why you are never too old to get orthodontic treatments like braces, FAAB, ceramic braces, or Invisalign.