Our team at Orthodontic Alliances is committed to helping you and your loved ones have the healthiest smiles that you can. By straightening your teeth and correcting your bite, you can enjoy a more confident smile, too.

We also get a lot of questions from people about orthodontic care, which we are happy to answer. Today, we are sharing a few of the most common questions we hear.

What orthodontic treatment is best?

The best treatment is the one that helps you achieve your dream smile. The treatment that is best for you may not be the best treatment for the next patient. The good news is that our experts offer a variety of orthodontic options from traditional braces to clear aligners, so you can find the right solution for your situation.

When should my child see the orthodontist?

We recommend bringing your child in for an orthodontic checkup around their seventh birthday. By this age, we can often assess whether your child may need treatment when they are older. In some instances, we can recommend interceptive action that may reduce the need for orthodontic care when your child is a teenager.

Do I need to go to an orthodontist to get braces?

In theory, no, but orthodontists are specialists who have studied the movement of teeth. This goes beyond the training that general dentists receive in dental school. It’s similar to how you would visit your family physician for general care, but you would go to a surgeon if you needed a particular procedure.

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