Patients often walk into the office afraid. Generally, that patient is a child, and we are able to quickly show them how safe our office is! However, there are some cases where the person afraid is the parent! Adults who have experienced orthodontics are kids are often more afraid than the children because they are remembering a time when orthodontics were truly miserable. With new advances, we are able to promise that your child will have a much better experience!

Decades ago, orthodontics were much more elaborate than the are now. Wires and brackets circled all over the mouth, and patients with extreme orthodontic issues had to wear a heavy metal head piece to help move teeth into position. Brackets and wires were uncomfortable, and patients were often in pain during and for days after an appointment. Your child will have a much different experience.

Today’s Experience Get the Win

For most children who receive orthodontic care in this day and age, orthodontics are almost completely comfortable. Kids can opt for practically invisible braces, and the wires in braces are much lighter, but much more effective. We don’t prescribe head pieces any longer because we can use miniature rubber bands, instead. There is nothing in a modern set of braces that you wouldn’t have preferred over the braces you wore years ago.

There’s nothing quite like explaining things of the past to your child. It’s fun to see their confusion and laughter at the way things were done. In this case, you can be completely happy that your child will experience something totally different from you! Contact us today to set up an appointment for your child. We can’t wait to get started!