Wearing braces may be well worth the effort to achieve that perfect teeth, but you have to take care of them properly. Other than routine brushing and flossing, visiting the dentist plays an important role in the overall maintenance of your braces. Why is this so?


You brush and floss regularly, but there’s no telling when there are still food bits left on your brackets. Food bits lodged between brackets may attract bacteria, which leads to gum problems, decay, and even bad breath. These may also contribute to plaque buildup that may only irritate the gums and cause more problems for your teeth. Regular checkups may help ensure no food bits remain on your braces, as our skilled dental professionals clean and replace the brackets for better orthodontic treatment.


Braces apply force to move the teeth into their proper position. The force may decrease overtime as the elastics and metal wires stretch. During checkups, our dentist may adjust the wires or replace the brackets to put force on your teeth and make them move into the desired position. In some cases, we may recommend reshaping certain areas of a tooth to give space to its neighboring teeth.


Braces may be quite delicate and may sustain damage if you bite too hard or eat sticky foods. Damaging them may mean extra appointments, which only affects the length of your treatment. Our dentist may replace a broken wire or a loose bracket when you come in for a checkup. We also make sure other parts of your braces are in good condition so you won’t have any problems throughout your treatment.


Regular checkups may help us monitor the progress of your treatment. These may also help determine if the teeth are moving in the right direction. Getting regular checkups may also help you understand more about your condition and find out what areas of your teeth need improvement.

Orthodontic services, proper oral care, and regular dental checkups go hand in hand when it comes to achieving beautiful and long-lasting smiles. Always make sure you have room in your schedule for an appointment with our dentists. Call us so we can arrange the most convenient time for your checkup.